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Welcome to my simple triple blog,i'm Nurul Nazirah. Just call me Eiyra for the short. Thanks for visited my blog, nice to meet you, leave your footstep at my cbox, Do follow :)


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warm, happy, joyful that's the way you made me fell when you were here . our time spent together was the happiest moments of my life, when I kissed you took my breath away and time itself paused for a second to let me enjoy the moment a little while longer . oh how wonderful it felt to be loved by someone else but when you left me oh how I wished I had never loved at all because to lose someone you loved is so much worse than never loving at all . why did you have to leave me what did I do that was so wrong . I gave you the keys to my heart, entrance to my mind and I took you to the gates of my soul and you betrayed me . how could I have been so stupid, even love itself was fooled by the passion that me and you shared . I always said it would never happen to me, that I was to smart for that but I never knew what it meant to be blinded by love until now . I would trade in all the riches in the world to have you back in my arms but then I sit and think why, why would I do that just to be hurt again only to come to the conclusion that I love you . even though you don't feel the same way about me the memories that we shared the passion that we had will never fade away and I will always love you . 
p/s : you, can you say you love me too ? err .
the end .

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